Trust. Truth. And, what does it mean when people we love disagree?

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A new episode of session reflections – Ep. 98 Truth vs Trust. What does it mean to trust the way you feel when loved ones and experts disagree?

A peak inside the episode.

  1. What does it mean to trust the way you feel when people you trust, who love you, or experts disagree? Who actually knows what’s best for us? Wanting the approval of others and wanting to reach consensus with important decisions in our lives can potentially keep us stuck in people pleasing, over committing and anxiety. 
  2. Opinions are not facts, and Google is not research.
  3. How can we approach differing opinions with compassionate curiosity without abandoning ourselves?

Session Reflections are an extension of Don’t Cut Your Own Bangs where I share some of the most incredible insights that my psychotherapy clients experience. The details about who they are will be omitted to protect their privacy, as well as many of the details about their specific experience. What will be shared are profound insights, BIG hearted questions, and lessons that I find myself thinking about hours after these sessions are over. 

Think of this like a little dose of therapy, but without all the work and you get to skip to the end.

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