A 90 minute workshop designed to help you step out of the Overachiever Spiral and into clarity.

March 23rd 2pm-3:30pm EST

WORKSHOP | Self-Doubt

Overachiever Spiral 



1. Because we’re trying to be perfect we feel anxious and confused.
2. We begin to doubt our choices, feelings, and selves because they’ve become blurred with our fears.
3. Then we become burnt out, overwhelmed and feel stuck.
4. Then we hear someone talk about self-care and want to scream.

The Spiral 

Licensed Clinical Therapist, Podcast Host, and Keynote Speaker

Danielle Ireland 




The OVerachiever Spiral workbook

The Overachiever Spiral Workbook 
A step-by-step guide of understanding the overachiever spiral and a stress reducing method for getting yourself out. You can come back to this workbook over and over again for relief whenever you're feeling overwhelmed. 
$100 Value

90 minutes of group support with Danielle

I have taken my support group model and turned it into this workshop. I believe a safe  and gentle environment to do this work is so important. You will get access to that group support model and be working through the steps live with me. The work we do in this session will grow with you in the months to come. 
$99 Value

Workshop Price $199

A journal exercise you can use to help keep you on track.

take action

How to find clarity in the mess & why accessing curiosity is the way out. 


About the deeper meaning of Self-Doubt & what it's telling you.


After this workshop you’ll walk away with three tools to help you step out of the cycle:

what you will learn

By the time a woman is sitting in my office for her first therapy session I know that A LOT of painful events have led to this moment.
The act of committing to an hour to process their feelings is radical.

What makes this different:

Are you ready to truly thrive?


If this sounds like you, you're not alone. I created this workshop with you in mind, and this process is going to be a gentle one. We’re not starting gently because you can’t handle the hard stuff. We’re starting gently because you’re already living the hard stuff. Gentle is what we need. Not a shovel to go digging, but a soft, plush, cozy blanket on an overstuffed sofa talking to someone that loves you. 

Struggling to know where to begin

Feeling lost and exhausted

Feeling stuck and alone

Wanting to feel less confused

I am Danielle Ireland, licensed therapist, former actor and ballroom dance instructor. My journey from performer to therapist wasn’t a clearly defined path, but rather a sweaty, awkward, and exhilarating process of step, stumble, fear, learn, repeat. 

With thousands of hours of training, education, my own learnings, and hours working with clients the number one most common answer to “What brings you into therapy?” is some variation of:

That's why I'm inviting you to start your journey in this workshop


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