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Are you ready to release self-doubt, self-criticism, and uncertainty? Learn the skills, strategies & tools you need to live with more clarity, vitality, and purpose than you ever thought possible. 

Begin learning to love yourself the way you want others to love you, in this seven week course

Attention big-hearted women

Unleashing You


Unleashing You


You know you want to feel centered and empowered but don’t know where to start.


Shutting down - which makes it impossible to confront and overcome old patterns

Falling into a trap of avoidance

Getting distracted by easy button solutions

You keep reaching for solutions to get rid of anxiety and self-doubt, but nothing sticks. Leaving you feeling lost and defeated. There are 3 common pitfalls I see when people try to work through overwhelm and self-criticism. 

A deep and comprehensive course designed to take you from swimming in self-doubt and anxiety into a loving and empowered relationship with yourself 

Unleashing You




You’ve stopped looking to social media and Google for guidance, feeling confident to make choices on your own 

You know how to look internally for the answers to the questions you have about your life 

You have nurtured self trust and have a step-by-step process to cultivate more trust moving forward

You are completely clear on the next right step to take when anxiety shows up

Let’s wave a magic wand over the next seven weeks: 

Can you imagine how it would feel to confidently approach every decision and relationship in your life? Even in the face of fear, apprehension, or doubt.

You will walk away from this course ready to handle the obstacles life throws at you, and build upon that foundation to make authentically empowered decisions for your life. 

Express yourself and your truth in your intimate relationships

Understand the value of your emotions to relieve self-doubt

Identify your own needs and communicate them outwardly

Unleashing You is the first of it’s kind to teach you a process for moving through anxiety and into confidence and clarity, while also providing you with community and expert support to truly transform your relationship with yourself. 

By the end of this course you will be able to:

What makes The Unleashing You Relationship Course different?

Total Course Value: $2000

Course Price = $875

$350 value

I’ve taken my 7-part guided Treasured Journal and expanded the relationship material into the Unleashing You Relationship Workbook. Only offered in this course, this workbook is full of dedicated insightful guidance, prompts, and exercises you need to completely transform your relationships. You can come back to this workbook over and over again to gain clarity, relief and deepen understanding.

The Unleashing You Workbook 

$150 value

You will learn my stress-reduction method for navigating doubt, fear, and anxiety that you can use over and over again in every area of your life.

The Unearth-Unlock-Unleash Method 

$450 value

Each weekly session is pre-recorded which means you can access the materials at any time on your schedule. Need to miss a week? Don’t worry! Just log into the membership portal and pick up where you left off. Want to go even deeper and review a section? Re-watch a session as many times as you'd like!

The U-Membership Portal 

$1050 value

Every single session you will deepen your understanding of the U-Method where you will engage with thoughtfully created exercises to enrich your learning and personalize your experience.

Weekly Sessions

Here’s what you’ll find in the 7-week course:

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Are you ready to unleash your most empowered and confident self?

Prior to my work as a licensed therapist, I worked as an actor and ballroom dance instructor. My journey from performer to therapist wasn’t a clearly defined path, but rather a sweaty, awkward, and exhilarating process of step, stumble, fear, learn, repeat. 

As a matter of fact, the Unearth-Unlock-Unleash Method was built off of my own personal experience of overcoming self-doubt and anxiety. Uncovering this process in my own life led me to find my true calling as a licensed therapist, podcast host and public speaker. 

I have walked alongside hundreds of my clients on this journey, and I am so excited to now be sharing it with you. 

In this 7-week course I am going to serve you as a guide, therapist, teacher, accountability partner, and friend. We’re going to go deep together to transform the most important relationship in your life, the one between you and you.

I look forward to meeting you and spending time with you over these next seven weeks.

All my best,

Meet Danielle Ireland


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“I’m not sure why I’m here, but it seemed like a good idea.”
“I’ve been thinking about this for a while, and this just seemed like the right time.”
“I almost canceled this appointment. I’m not really sure what I want to talk about.”

Doubt, confusion, uncertainty - these are 100% completely normal feelings to have before starting something new. The desire for change is the first step, and fear is almost always the second. Trust what your heart is telling you, and if you need more info let’s schedule a call.

Almost every client that’s come in for therapy the first time says some variation of... 

What if you’re somewhere in between? 

- Maya Angelou 

“Nothing changes     
          unless you do.” 

Someone looking for a quick fix.

Who The Unleashing You Course is NOT for:

The woman who wants to create sustainable positive change within and outside of herself. She is ready to explore what has been in her way of feeling the way she wants to feel and implement the steps to make changes. 

A woman who desires to feel loved, confident, clear, and empowered within herself. She is ready to stay present in the learning, follow through on the process and show up for herself. 

Who The Unleashing You Course is for:

The Unleashing You Course may not be for everyone.
 I’d rather you be certain this IS the right step for you BEFORE making the investment.

Is the Unleashing You: Relationship Course right for you?

praise for danielle

Here's what people are saying about working with Danielle.

Danielle helped me tackle and confront issues I felt were impossible to resolve. I have gained so much insight, confidence, and self-awareness with her help and guidance.


We would like to thank Danielle for turning our relationship around. The emotional tools we’ve learned have improved our marriage and also all of our relationships and friendships.


Danielle is a dynamic, entertaining, and wise speaker. As a therapist and someone who is trained to listen deeply, she is remarkably good at communicating with energy and clarity.


Working with Danielle has done more than I could have ever imagined for my happiness, understanding of myself, and overall well-being.


Danielle comes to her presentations with all of this academic knowledge and adds layers of contextual and very personal experience. My audience loved her energy!


This is the deeper work, The Unleashing You Relationship Course moves way beyond surface level solutions and takes you to the deeper place inside that will unlock lasting transformation. 

I don’t want you to look back in 6-12 months and still be wondering what you should do to feel the way you want to feel, or find yourself stuck in another anxiety spiral wishing for a way out.

I want you to look up months from now and think, “Wow, I had no idea I could feel this confident, calm, and centered in my own skin” and be amazed at the transformations you have made in your relationships as a result. 

You deserve to have a positive and thriving relationship with yourself, and the people around you. I know that if you’re here, you’ve been working hard to figure it out and have likely tried a lot of different things already.

You might be thinking, maybe that living a purposeful and energized life is for a special few. Maybe these other women just have something I don’t.

My friend - that just isn’t true. You were born to feel good about yourself and live a life without constant self-criticism. In these seven weeks I am going to help you get at the core of what you truly desire, and then shift to take actionable steps in your life to make that desire a reality.

Here is why now is the time to go all in on the relationship you have with yourself:

You have made it this far which means you are ready to live with more clarity, vitality and purpose

top Faq's

I have never had any therapy or done any work like this before, will the course still work for me?

I custom tailor each and every experience to fit your needs. Often I incorporate both large group workshop time as well as small break-out groups.

Do we have to be there for the live calls? I am really busy and I don’t know if my schedule allows.

The course material is available 24/7 and can be used at your convenience, at any time. If you feel it would be helpful to receive more hands on guidance and accountability, then I encourage you to show up to the calls live so you can get the extra support. Either way you choose, if you follow along and do the work the course is designed to get you results.

I have never made this type of investment or commitment in myself before, how do I know it is going to work?

The guarantee I offer is that if you show up for the work, the transformation will show up for you. Think about the last thing you purchased or invested in. Did it have a lifetime payoff? Did it transform the way you feel about yourself and give you confidence you never had before? This is an investment you are making in your life. The work we do in this course will be with you forever and once you learn this process and start applying it the possibilities for you are endless. 

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Are you ready to unleash your most empowered and confident self?

course price: $875

Unleashing You




Weekly Doses of Encouragement


Unleashing You


Join me for a free workshop  to help you create a deeper understanding of the most important relationship in your life.