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Counseling with heart in Indianapolis

One-on-One and Group Work


We all want to feel secure in our own identity, emotions, and purpose...

...but life’s craziness can easily throw us off course.

I provide insight and clarity, allowing you to face adversity with courage and untangle complex emotions and situations.

Encouragement and connection are two passions of mine that drove me to pursue advanced education counseling.

While the professional acronyms behind my name (MSW & LCSW) do matter to run a private therapy practice in Indianapolis, it’s my heart for changing lives and relatability that makes all the difference. 


Build resilience and overcome shame in a compassionate setting.


Learn how to set healthy boundaries and cultivate self-respect.

Stress management

Embrace self-discovery and growth that leads to more fulfillment.

Anxiety & Depression

Support is offered in groups & one-on-one format for the following topics:

Seeking growth in specific areas? 


Shame resilience



Explore strategies to prioritize self-care and nurture your well-being.

Learn stress management techniques and prevent burnout.

Quell your anxiety and depression in a supportive environment.


In therapy, I believe in blending heartfelt connection with practical solutions that help you grow in all areas of life.

Through life’s ups and downs, I serve as a trusted guide to my clients offering, insights and strategies to meet challenges with resilience and optimism.

Working in tailored one-on-one sessions and group coaching, I help my clients harness inner strength, cultivate emotional resilience, and reclaim their sense of purpose and identity.


Working with Danielle has done more than I could have ever imagined for my happiness, understanding of myself, and overall well-being. 

It’s so important to find the right support for your needs. Learn more about me and the services I provide:

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What counseling certifications/licenses do you hold?

I am accredited as a LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker), LSW (Licensed Social Worker), and have also completed my MSW (Master’s in Social Work).

How much do therapy sessions cost?

Appointments are $150 for a 50-minute session.

Do you accept insurance?

Interested to know more about my keynote speaking?

My practice is out of network, but I do have many clients who choose to submit receipts to their provider for any possible out of network reimbursement. Also, if your plan includes an HSA card, this can be used as a method of payment.

How frequently should I schedule appointments?

While the total number of sessions needed vary, clients begin to get a strong sense of what will work best for them between sessions 4-6. It is recommended that the first four sessions are scheduled as close together as possible (usually weekly).

Do you accept payment plans or work with sliding scale fees? 

Each session is paid for one at a time, at the end of the clinical hour.

Do you offer a complimentary introduction?

Yes! Your relationship with your therapist is a deeply personal one, and it is important that you feel you are making the choices that feel best for you. New clients are welcome to schedule a 15-minute introduction, either over the phone or in person at no charge.


Work with Danielle

For individuals seeking personal growth

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