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The Treasured Journal will help you find the clarity you need to step into the life you were made for. Combining powerful true stories and mental health expertise, this journal is unlike any other—just like you. Get the full experience with the journal and coordinating 7-part meditation series bundle or purchase the journal on its own.

Seeking more joy, peace, and purpose in your life? Feel stuck in certain areas? Looking for direction and motivation? You’re not alone.

Life doesn’t have to feel this hard.

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Do you have the courage to bring forth the treasures hidden within you?


... And most of all, the Treasured Journal shows you how to love yourself more fully.

Shift from fear to curiosity in all areas of your life 

Break unhealthy generational patterns 

Give yourself permission to explore and feel pleasure

Find meaning and worth in the work you do

Remove financial roadblocks and mental barriers

Discover the purpose you were meant to serve

Find healing in broken relationships 

Feel more deeply connected to yourself and others

As a therapist, I’ve seen so many clients find healing and direction through journaling. And I have found my own revelations through this practice, too. Journaling helps me set clear intentions, makes room for gratitude and appreciation, and illuminates the way forward when I feel stuck. 

Deep inside, the answers are there. You just have to find them. This journal gives you the space and guidance you need to unlock the wisdom and fulfillment you’ve been searching for. Putting pen to paper on these pages will allow you to: 

Deep down, we all hold the key to our own truths and happiness. But all the noise, distractions, and interruptions of life tend to keep these gems buried. 

The Truth Within

Intimidated by a blank journal page?
The Treasured Journal provides the insightful guidance, prompts, and exercises you need to get the words flowing as you explore core areas of your life. (There’s plenty of empty journaling space for those who want it, too!)

Resolving conflict  and removing mental blocks

Exploring your emotions and improving your outlook on life 

Self-discovery and increased self-awareness

Reducing symptoms of stress, anxiety, and even depression

The ritual of journaling has been around for centuries, and for good reason. This discipline has holistic benefits that can literally transform your life, like: 

 an ancient practice with science-backed benefits 


- Karen Minnis, LMFT -

“The journal questions and writing prompts are thought-provoking, causing the reader to go deep into self. And there are so many beautiful insights within the pages. I am excited to suggest this journal to clients.”

- Lauren Palmer, MAT IN SPANISH -

I have been journaling and attending therapy for years and this particular journal combines the best of both. Danielle uses personal anecdotes to both guide and inspire. 

-Javan Lockhart, MSW, LCSW-

“Treasured takes the reader on a deep dive with helpful exercises, drawing out truth while breaking barriers to bring about meaningful change.” 

- Chelsea Cassel, MA, LMFT -

“Treasured is an incredible way to get in touch with your inner self and what you want out of your life. It helps you feel not so alone while also holding up a mirror to motivate and empower you.”

- Javan Lockhart, MSW, LCSW -

“This journal is a beneficial guide for individuals and even couples who find themselves struggling with developing meaningful and fulfilling relationships.”

Stories of real people finding healing provide hope, inspiration, and practical wisdom. 

Tried-and-true exercises will shift your mindset and unearth truths that might even surprise you. 

Deep reflection questions illuminate life-changing insights and answers to get you unstuck.

Over 60 pages of extra journal space for exploring your thoughts, feelings, hopes, and dreams. 

Journal Space




Together we’ll tackle seven key areas of your life: Career, Relationships, Love, Sex, Money, Family, and Purpose 

Drawing on my experience as a therapist and my own journey, I share real client stories and guide you through many simple but powerful exercises. 

What’s Inside

$27.99  USD

All you need is an open heart, an open mind, and a pen. I’ll walk you through the rest and lead you towards the life change you’ve been craving. 

Thoughtfully made in the US

Non-bleed, quality paper

Lays flat for easy writing

Satin matte cover with gold detailing 

This 128-page, robust journal gives you the aesthetics and functionality you need to make the most impact in your life. 

100% USA-made

xoxo, Danielle

Prior to my work as a licensed therapist, I worked as an actor and ballroom dance instructor. My journey from performer to therapist wasn’t a clearly defined path, but rather a sweaty, awkward, and exhilarating process of step, stumble, fear, learn, repeat. 

And like everyone else, I continue to blaze my own trail of self-discovery and healing.  I’m also the proud creator and host of the Don't Cut Your Own Bangs podcast, the remedy to comparison and feeling like everyone has it figured out but you. I firmly believe that when we see the best in ourselves, we can bring out the best in others.

Danielle Ireland, MSW, LCSW 

About the Author 

Treasured Meditation Series priced individually at $7.99 USD. All Treasured Journal sales are final. No refunds/returns will be accepted. Fortunately, I know you'll love it! 

$32.99 USD 

Bundle the Treasured Journal with a 7-part meditation series (with a bonus track!) that will guide you through a gentle meditation practice focusing on each of the 7 topics featured in the journal—love, sex, career, family, money, relationships, and purpose. 

Whether you’re new to meditation or continuing a practice you already know and love, my hope is that this series will bring peace, healing, and insights as you unearth the deeper truths within you.  

Treasured Meditation Series 

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