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Don’t Cut Your Own Bangs

Ep. 103 – Navigating Parenthood, Marriage & an Evolving Relationship

David, our daughter Logan and me on our first family trip to Italy

When you’re caught up in the details of everyday life, it can be easy to “forget” how remarkable our loved ones are because we’re around them so much. By dedicating time for interruption-free discussion that might not happen organically over dinner, we can reconnect in important ways.

So I thought it would be fun to “check in” with my husband, David Dellen, and share that discussion with you. Since having a baby in the last year, our relationship has changed and evolved in ways we anticipated and in ways we did not.

This episode is whole-hearted and sincere but doesn’t take itself too seriously. We get silly and laugh, but we also talk about real life things. It’s basically everything you could ever want in a podcast (ha!).⁣

We discuss:

  • Adapting to changing priorities  
  • Managing an evolving relationship
  • Making adjustments in communication 

Whether you’re a new parent or not, these themes will resonate with anyone interested in making the most of life with their partner. 

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