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The belief behind most of our stress. Have you ever noticed that the lesson you need to learn most, finds it way into your experience 100x a day? Just me? Well, “Letting go,” is the simplest way to put it, even though the lesson feels BIG and HARD and EVERYWHERE. For the last few weeks, […]

I can’t let go.

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Hello again! Kids are back in school, pumpkin spice is back on the menu, I’m back to work and have a brand new baby. Wow! A lot has happened in the last few months (ha!) I’ve missed connecting with you and look forward to getting back into the swing of things. If you’re an active […]

I’m back!

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A conversation about healing 3 Healing Journal Prompts I Love …To feel Willie Good. About a week ago a client that I’d been working with for about 5 months asked me, “How do you know when you’re done?”⁣ We explored the question for a little while, and what became clear was that she wanted to […]

When it comes to Healing – How do you know when you’re really “over it”?

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What’s your desire telling you? — Do you find your thoughts, day dreams, and conversations drifting back to the same topic? This could mean you’re ready to make a change, my friend!⁣⁣Desire is often the step before we’re ready to step into action, or the emotion we feel before we’re ready to jump into a […]

What’s your desire telling you?

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How do you trust your gut?… …in the face of:⁣ Self-doubt⁣ Uncertainty⁣ Nervousness⁣ The answer -> Compassionate curiosity. ⁣ When we feel fear and hesitate that’s EXACTLY the moment to sit, be still, and get curious. When we feel that pang of fear, it’s so natural to want to jump away, avoid the topic, or […]

How do you trust your gut?

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My change process I had an emotional moment this past Saturday. I made a thing (The Free Unleashing You Workshop) and was 90 minutes away from sharing this with people. ACTUAL people, with eyes, and hearts, and minds, and opinions, and everything! I had a plan set for how I was going to “show up […]

My Change Process & an Invitation to The Unleashing You Course

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What does money mean to you? Stay with me here.⁣ ⁣There’s what money literally is – paper, coins, plastic cards, numbers in an account – Then there’s what is represents. Especially around the holiday season, money means A LOT. ⁣⁣Whether we’re talking about winning the lottery ⬆️ or CC debt ⬇️ exploring your emotional relationship […]

Money & Our Emotional Wellbeing

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New on the podcast! Ep. 74 on Don’t Cut Your Own Bangs This is one tasty episode with the founder of Revival Food Co., Rachel Klein.  Rachel makes craft almond butter, you’ll actually enjoy! Free of palm oil, sugar, peanuts, and non-GMO – this butter is packed with flavor. Potentially even better then the butter’s […]

How a Party Favor Became a Business: with Rachel Klein

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some best practices, what to avoid, & new on Don’t Cut Your Own Bangs This week is all about gratitude. But before we start to dive into all of the amazing gifts that can be found with counting our blessings, I want to take a sec and talk about when forcing gratitude can actually be […]

What Gratitude & Compassion Fatigue REALLY Mean for Our Mental Health

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How doubting ourselves can make burnout harder to detect. Burnout can be a common experience during the holiday season. And one reason that it can be harder to detect is doubting what we feel is legitimate. When we push through the pain, add more to our to-do list, and over-caffeinate – we’re likely sending ourselves […]

Overcoming burnout & self-doubt

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Focusing on ourselves is often described as “selfish”. ⁣ Focusing on the needs of others is “selfless”. ⁣ This time last year, I was in a session with my therapist and didn’t realized how close I was to burnout. He sat patiently and listened as I detailed -⁣ All the things I had to do⁣ […]

What does it really mean to be SELFish?

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…while also creating a successful business? The short answer – You can’t. Stay with me here. I don’t mean that you aren’t capable of doing hard things. Of course you are! And I don’t mean that you can’t get up and get sh*t done, while also struggling in your personal life. But I DO MEAN […]

How do I save myself from burnout?

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How identifying our values can reduce stress, offer clarity, and empower decision making. Our values are the connective thread for all of our choices. If communication is like a dance, then our values are the rhythm of the beat. But, what does it mean if we don’t know what they are? Chances are, if you […]

All roads lead to our Values

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Don’t Cut Your Own Bangs Ep. 58 an interview with Gary Noesner Meet Gary Noesner – author, instructor, investigator, and FBI negotiator.  Gary served as the lead hostage negotiator during the first 25 days of the 51 day siege in Waco TX. His book Stalling for Time, My life as an FBI Hostage Negotiator became […]

An FBI Negotiator’s take on connection, communication, and trust.

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I’ve noticed a theme in the last couple weeks. We are tired, really tired. Working from home, full-time parenting, working overtime – it’s a lot! We’re mentally, physically, and emotionally strained. I feel it too, and now more than ever we need an energy boost. When you need to recharge – try these 3 steps. […]

Need an Energy Boost? Try these 3 things.

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