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Don’t Cut Your Own Bangs Ep. 103 – Navigating Parenthood, Marriage & an Evolving Relationship When you’re caught up in the details of everyday life, it can be easy to “forget” how remarkable our loved ones are because we’re around them so much. By dedicating time for interruption-free discussion that might not happen organically over […]

New on the Podcast!

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Episode 100 of Don’t Cut Your Bangs is here! What. In. The. World. How did this happen? What a wonderful wonderful (written 2x for emphasis) thing to write and say.  In this week’s episode, I enlisted the help of a friend, Juanita Molano Para. She’s a former guest turned temporary host that took me down […]

Episode 100

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Danielle x social media expert Kenzie Kittle in Ep. 98 of Don’t Cut Your Own Bangs Listen HERE Social media influencer, producer, and expert Kenzie Kittle and I take a deep dive into the underbelly of social media – Villains, Bullies & Trolls. What is it like to be trolled at scale? You’re doing the […]

Bullies, Villains & Trolls, Oh my!

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A new episode of session reflections – Ep. 98 Truth vs Trust. What does it mean to trust the way you feel when loved ones and experts disagree? A peak inside the episode. What does it mean to trust the way you feel when people you trust, who love you, or experts disagree? Who actually […]

Trust. Truth. And, what does it mean when people we love disagree?

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Are you feeling stuck, stagnant or are already giving up on our New Years resolution? Are you feeling stuck, stagnant or kicking yourself for dropping your New Years resolution? If the answer is “yes” there’s a good reason, and I can tell you it’s not a reflection of the following:⁣ Laziness⁣ Lack of trying⁣ Not […]

Introducing Session Reflections & more meaningful Self-Care

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Episode 95 of Don’t Cut Your Own Bangs Ep. 95 Danielle x Teresa Sabatine: Making big beautiful dreams come true. Amazing! AND, also really f*cking hard. Here’s what’s in the episode: Teresa and I talk about working with coaches, being in therapy, all of the beauty that can come from showing up consistently, and how […]

New on the podcast!

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Episode 94. Doubt – What does it mean? Why do we feel it? What do we do about it? Hello! It’s been a few weeks, but you have been on my mind. The truth is, I’ve been in that special mix of emotions that January brings – anticipation for the new, the feeling of a […]

Don’t Cut Your Own Bangs is back!

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The overachiever spiral Here’s the story of the spiral: Step 1. Because we’re trying to be perfect, never disappoint, and do all the things for all the people in our lives – we feel anxious, busy and wish there were four of us to get everything done. Step 2. When the expectations we have for […]

The Overachiever Spiral & a podcast just for you

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Trying to think my way through a feeling problem Full discloser, I didn’t start my own therapy until I was working my first year as a therapist. I couldn’t see it then, but there was a part of me that thought that I could “out smart” my uncomfortable emotions. If I learned the tools, taught […]

Trying to think my way through a feeling problem

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Friends? Are you “should-ing” all over yourselves? We all wear a lot of different hats. Boss, employee, spouse, sibling, parent, friend, etc. Some matter a great deal to us, others we can’t wait to shed at the end of the day. And when it comes to our emotional wellbeing, the hats – AKA aspects of […]

Are you “Should-ing” all over yourself?

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The belief behind most of our stress. Have you ever noticed that the lesson you need to learn most, finds it way into your experience 100x a day? Just me? Well, “Letting go,” is the simplest way to put it, even though the lesson feels BIG and HARD and EVERYWHERE. For the last few weeks, […]

I can’t let go.

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Hello again! Kids are back in school, pumpkin spice is back on the menu, I’m back to work and have a brand new baby. Wow! A lot has happened in the last few months (ha!) I’ve missed connecting with you and look forward to getting back into the swing of things. If you’re an active […]

I’m back!

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A conversation about healing 3 Healing Journal Prompts I Love …To feel Willie Good. About a week ago a client that I’d been working with for about 5 months asked me, “How do you know when you’re done?”⁣ We explored the question for a little while, and what became clear was that she wanted to […]

When it comes to Healing – How do you know when you’re really “over it”?

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What’s your desire telling you? — Do you find your thoughts, day dreams, and conversations drifting back to the same topic? This could mean you’re ready to make a change, my friend!⁣⁣Desire is often the step before we’re ready to step into action, or the emotion we feel before we’re ready to jump into a […]

What’s your desire telling you?

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How do you trust your gut?… …in the face of:⁣ Self-doubt⁣ Uncertainty⁣ Nervousness⁣ The answer -> Compassionate curiosity. ⁣ When we feel fear and hesitate that’s EXACTLY the moment to sit, be still, and get curious. When we feel that pang of fear, it’s so natural to want to jump away, avoid the topic, or […]

How do you trust your gut?

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