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Special podcast alert | Ep. 75 Best of bangs ⁣

⁣I can remember so clearly how terrified I was. Sitting down with my podcast producer Jen Edds, and telling her:⁣

I think maybe I might want to possibly start a podcast…(trails off into nervous mumbles and drools slightly)“⁣

I remember telling myself things like:⁣

•Learning the technology is too hard, too time consuming and expensive.⁣
•I don’t have anything to say.⁣
•There are already enough better, more qualified people, having the conversations I was interested in having.⁣

Almost 2 years later, buckets of stress sweat and A LOT of learning ⁣
I made a thing! ⁣I made a beautiful thing that I’m proud of and that – ♥️ I. LOVE. TO. MAKE. A podcast called Don’t Cut Your Own Bangs.⁣

✨75 episodes in⁣
✨Over 10,000 downloads⁣
✨In 14 countries⁣
✨100,000 laughs later⁣

I can’t wait to keep connecting with you. Thank you for your time & your attention. Both are invaluable and irreplaceable. ⁣

I created an episode that includes some of my favorite Don’t Cut Your Own Bang moments. I’m not exaggerating when I tell you they’ll make you laugh, cry, and laugh ’til you cry.⁣

– > Listen to it HERE!

Episode 76. Why style matters: Danielle x stylist Nicole Busch

Are “special promotion” adds popping up all over your social media feeds? Me too! 🙋🏼‍♀️⁣

This time a year can lead to some serious buyers remorse. Professional stylist, Nicole Busch, gave this INCREDIBLE advice on Don’t Cut Your Own Bangs [ep. 76] to avoid the marketing trap of “buying it because it’s on sale.”

Don’t but it on sale unless you’d pay full-price for it.”

In her experience, clients end up with a closet stuffed with things they don’t need, don’t love, or don’t wear. ⁣

If you’re nodding your head as you read along, this week’s podcast is for you. Nicole’s mission is to help you fall in love with your –

  • Space
  • Style
  • Self

Together we explore the value that getting dressed has on our on our mental health. How social media marketing can be beautiful, but how equally important it is to understand the artistry (work!) behind a photo. And the value in every purchase, even when it seems like a bargain.

Download this podcast and refer back to it before adding more to your shopping cart!⁣

You can also find these episodes on iTunes & Spotify.

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