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Trying to think my way through a feeling problem Full discloser, I didn’t start my own therapy until I was working my first year as a therapist. I couldn’t see it then, but there was a part of me that thought that I could “out smart” my uncomfortable emotions. If I learned the tools, taught […]

Trying to think my way through a feeling problem

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The belief behind most of our stress. Have you ever noticed that the lesson you need to learn most, finds it way into your experience 100x a day? Just me? Well, “Letting go,” is the simplest way to put it, even though the lesson feels BIG and HARD and EVERYWHERE. For the last few weeks, […]

I can’t let go.

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A conversation about healing 3 Healing Journal Prompts I Love …To feel Willie Good. About a week ago a client that I’d been working with for about 5 months asked me, “How do you know when you’re done?”⁣ We explored the question for a little while, and what became clear was that she wanted to […]

When it comes to Healing – How do you know when you’re really “over it”?

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Do you consider yourself a Type-A personality who: Likes making lists? Loves checking things off the list? Holds yourself to incredibly high standards? If so, you likely have a STRONG aversion to -> Procrastination. The tough part is that even with the best organizational strategies, and having the best of intentions, we still procrastinate. When […]

Overcoming uncertainty & self-criticism. A NEW approach for Procrastination.

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Let’s look at gaslighting, self-forgiveness, & revisit a podcast with fbi negotiator Gary Noesner. Gaslighting is like dousing a can of lighter fluid on a match. The experience can leave you scratching your head and doubting yourself. ⁣⁣We start thinking things like✔️Maybe I am being dramatic.⁣✔️I guess do complain too much.⁣✔️Things probably would’ve been better […]

How do we offer grace to ourselves in the face of confusion & manipulation?

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Where do we struggle with change & how do we stay on track? Do you know where most people struggle with change? ⁣⁣After they’ve taken that first big step into the unknown. ⁣⁣It’s vulnerable, itchy, sweaty, and often feels like lightyears away from our end goal – to feel better. ⁣⁣Whether your goal is:⁣* Career […]

Where do we struggle with change & how do we stay on track?

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Trust can be a challenging topic to talk about, especially when it’s been broken. Whether we’re talking about a romantic love, a coworker, our bodies, or our government there’s one relationship that connects them all 👉🏻 the one between you and you. ⁣ You are the thread that connects all of the components of your […]

Trust. And what it means when it’s broken.

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What’s your desire telling you? — Do you find your thoughts, day dreams, and conversations drifting back to the same topic? This could mean you’re ready to make a change, my friend!⁣⁣Desire is often the step before we’re ready to step into action, or the emotion we feel before we’re ready to jump into a […]

What’s your desire telling you?

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New solocast: ep. 81 on Don’t cut your own bangs Have you felt the pangs of jealousy lately? If so, be easy on yourself. ⁣ Jealousy is often seen as a negative emotion. And let’s be honest, it doesn’t feel that great when we experience it. ⁣⁣BUT, getting curious about what jealousy might be telling […]

How exploring jealousy can unlock desire.

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How do you trust your gut?… …in the face of:⁣ Self-doubt⁣ Uncertainty⁣ Nervousness⁣ The answer -> Compassionate curiosity. ⁣ When we feel fear and hesitate that’s EXACTLY the moment to sit, be still, and get curious. When we feel that pang of fear, it’s so natural to want to jump away, avoid the topic, or […]

How do you trust your gut?

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My change process I had an emotional moment this past Saturday. I made a thing (The Free Unleashing You Workshop) and was 90 minutes away from sharing this with people. ACTUAL people, with eyes, and hearts, and minds, and opinions, and everything! I had a plan set for how I was going to “show up […]

My Change Process & an Invitation to The Unleashing You Course

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Setting goals based on how you want to feel The condition of our physical body’s is closely connected to our mental health, and the stress of 2020 has taken a toll. Before you set your New Years resolutions, I’d HIGHLY encourage you to take the time to listen to my conversation with nutritionist, coach, and […]

A Gentler Approach to Goal Setting – ep. 77 of Don’t Cut Your Own Bangs

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Special podcast alert | Ep. 75 Best of bangs ⁣ ⁣I can remember so clearly how terrified I was. Sitting down with my podcast producer Jen Edds, and telling her:⁣⁣“I think maybe I might want to possibly start a podcast…(trails off into nervous mumbles and drools slightly)“⁣⁣I remember telling myself things like:⁣⁣•Learning the technology is […]

A Podcast Double Feature!

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New on the podcast! Ep. 74 on Don’t Cut Your Own Bangs This is one tasty episode with the founder of Revival Food Co., Rachel Klein.  Rachel makes craft almond butter, you’ll actually enjoy! Free of palm oil, sugar, peanuts, and non-GMO – this butter is packed with flavor. Potentially even better then the butter’s […]

How a Party Favor Became a Business: with Rachel Klein

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some best practices, what to avoid, & new on Don’t Cut Your Own Bangs This week is all about gratitude. But before we start to dive into all of the amazing gifts that can be found with counting our blessings, I want to take a sec and talk about when forcing gratitude can actually be […]

What Gratitude & Compassion Fatigue REALLY Mean for Our Mental Health

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