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This week we’re talking about allowing & how it can unlock tremendous healing

Let’s talk about Allowing – a.k.a., surrender. ⁣

Allowing another person to be who they are or a situation to be what it is without-

  • managing⁣
  • assisting⁣
  • guiding⁣

⁣-can be 𝘳𝘦𝘢𝘭𝘭𝘺 hard. ESPECIALLY if it’s not where you want it to be. ⁣

It may even sound like I’m saying “accept crappy situations” and “just be okay with it.” ⁣I assure you, I’m 100% not.⁣

What I am suggesting is that when you find yourself caught in the hamster wheel, ruminating over another person’s behavior, or trying to move through relationships like a game of chess –> there may be some important things to consider.⁣

For example:
1. If I allow this situation to be what it is right now, what would shift for me?⁣
2. How might I show up differently in this relationship if I allow this person to be where they are?⁣
3. Would my expectations change, if I allow my feelings to be what they are without also managing the other person’s perception of me?⁣

Give these questions a try this week and see what you uncover!

Check out this conversation with Teresa Sabatine, where we explore the relationship between truth, kindness & activism

New on the podcast! Ep. 70.

What does it mean to be honest with ourselves, others, and still hold space for compassion?

What does it look like to disagree, and not lose ourselves in the process?

How can we make a positive/meaningful impact on the world, while still allowing people to be who they are?

These are BIG questions, which is why I needed to sit down with a thought leader who’s got some BIG insights – leadership coach Teresa Sabatine.

Since our last interview (ep. 16), Teresa has created two new programs, started a weekly IGTV series, and has shifted her advocacy work to a new level. I’m so excited to sit down with her again, and share her insights with you!

Click HERE to listen.

Connect with Teresa and learn more about her programs HERE.

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