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None of us have free time. It is finite, irreplaceable, and our most valued treasure.
No one gets it just because they want it, and I get to choose how to spend it.

Do any of us have free time?

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so, so, so, hard… Why is asking for help so hard? Logically, I know and understand that there are people in the world who know more than I do about all kinds of things. World history, technology, other languages… I get it! But when it comes to areas of importance in my life -my marriage, […]

Why is asking for help so hard?

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Don’t Cut Your Own Bangs Episode 23 Want to listen along? Click HERE. Danielle I. : Just a friendly reminder that these are conversations intended for adults and there is the potential from time to time for the conversation to lean into adult subject matter or adult language. Danielle I. : Hello, this is Danielle […]

A Conversation with Jen Petro – Part 2

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Repost. Have you ever caught yourself binging a TV show and noticed the crum-covered blanket crater you’ve created on your couch? Or have you ever told yourself before turning on the TV, “I’ll just watch one or two episodes”? Before you know it, hours have gone by, you’ve finished Downton Abbey, AND it’s dark outside […]

What’s My Netflix Binge Trying to Tell Me?

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Or am I just sleepy, thirsty, or hungry? Is everyone mean? Or are we just sleepy, thirsty, or hungry? I recently had a session with a couple that wanted to work on communication in their marriage. They were overworked, exhausted, and said they wanted strategies to better understand each other and more effectively communicate. They […]

Is everyone mean?…

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Courage, in the face of uncertainty, creates consistency.

Pearl of Wisdom on Courage

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