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My change process I had an emotional moment this past Saturday. I made a thing (The Free Unleashing You Workshop) and was 90 minutes away from sharing this with people. ACTUAL people, with eyes, and hearts, and minds, and opinions, and everything! I had a plan set for how I was going to “show up […]

My Change Process & an Invitation to The Unleashing You Course

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Setting goals based on how you want to feel The condition of our physical body’s is closely connected to our mental health, and the stress of 2020 has taken a toll. Before you set your New Years resolutions, I’d HIGHLY encourage you to take the time to listen to my conversation with nutritionist, coach, and […]

A Gentler Approach to Goal Setting – ep. 77 of Don’t Cut Your Own Bangs

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What does money mean to you? Stay with me here.⁣ ⁣There’s what money literally is – paper, coins, plastic cards, numbers in an account – Then there’s what is represents. Especially around the holiday season, money means A LOT. ⁣⁣Whether we’re talking about winning the lottery ⬆️ or CC debt ⬇️ exploring your emotional relationship […]

Money & Our Emotional Wellbeing

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some best practices, what to avoid, & new on Don’t Cut Your Own Bangs This week is all about gratitude. But before we start to dive into all of the amazing gifts that can be found with counting our blessings, I want to take a sec and talk about when forcing gratitude can actually be […]

What Gratitude & Compassion Fatigue REALLY Mean for Our Mental Health

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Some tips from a therapist I recently had a session with a client that I had been seeing for a few months. She originally started her therapy because she was in an unhappy relationship and had decided to leave. “Well,” she said, “I guess I’m here because it took leaving an unhappy relationship to realize […]

Guest Blog! Beating “Busy” Burnout for Good

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How doubting ourselves can make burnout harder to detect. Burnout can be a common experience during the holiday season. And one reason that it can be harder to detect is doubting what we feel is legitimate. When we push through the pain, add more to our to-do list, and over-caffeinate – we’re likely sending ourselves […]

Overcoming burnout & self-doubt

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Focusing on ourselves is often described as “selfish”. ⁣ Focusing on the needs of others is “selfless”. ⁣ This time last year, I was in a session with my therapist and didn’t realized how close I was to burnout. He sat patiently and listened as I detailed -⁣ All the things I had to do⁣ […]

What does it really mean to be SELFish?

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Let’s talk about Mindfulness Which would you prefer? 1. A mind that’s full of what’s happening in the moment and what lights you up inside. ⁣ 2. A mind fixated what happened yesterday or worrying about a 5yr plan. ⁣ As a planner/recovering perfectionist, this can be a SUPER HARD choice for me! But here’s […]

Is your mind full? Or are you Mindful?

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This week we’re talking about allowing & how it can unlock tremendous healing Let’s talk about Allowing – a.k.a., surrender. ⁣⁣Allowing another person to be who they are or a situation to be what it is without- managing⁣ assisting⁣ guiding⁣ ⁣-can be 𝘳𝘦𝘢𝘭𝘭𝘺 hard. ESPECIALLY if it’s not where you want it to be. ⁣⁣It […]

Allowing, Authenticity & Activism

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…while also creating a successful business? The short answer – You can’t. Stay with me here. I don’t mean that you aren’t capable of doing hard things. Of course you are! And I don’t mean that you can’t get up and get sh*t done, while also struggling in your personal life. But I DO MEAN […]

How do I save myself from burnout?

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and how it can unlock deep healing Identifying our needs helps us do 2 VERY important things: Helps us make choices that are affirmative vs responses that are reactive Helps us identify, articulate, and maintain healthy boundaries The other thing I love 💙 about focusing on needs is how solution focused the conversation becomes. When […]

Knowing Your Needs

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Today we’re talking about connection – the heartbeat of communication. Let’s talk about Connection.⁣ Over the last couple weeks I’ve noticed a trend in my sessions with clients 👉🏻 people are feeling more anxious, tired, and isolated than ever.⁣ So, why talk about connection? ⁣ Connection is the heartbeat of relationships, and coming out of […]

Let’s Connect.

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It’s Communication Challenge Time!!! For the next 2 weeks my goal is to take the challenge OUT of communication for you. There’s nothing worse than walking into an important conversation and (record scratch) your mind goes blank, finding yourself feeling sweaty & panicky before a big meeting, or rehearsing conversations you want to have in […]

Communication Challenge – Part 1 “What we say.”

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Trust can be a challenging topic to talk about, especially when it’s been broken. Whether we’re talking about a romantic love, a coworker, our bodies, or our government there’s one relationship that connects them all 👉🏻 the one between you and you. ⁣ You are the thread that connects all of the components of your […]


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Sorry for the delay! Glad we’re catching up. Gaslighting is like dousing a can of lighter fluid on a match. The experience can leave you scratching your head and doubting yourself. ⁣⁣We start thinking things like -⁣✔️Maybe I am being dramatic.⁣✔️I guess do complain too much.⁣✔️Things probably would’ve been better if I’d kept my feelings […]

Feelings, Gaslighting & New on the Podcast.

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