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Our fear sounds exactly the same. I’ve been working as a therapist since 2015, and one of the most unexpected and wonderful gifts is that I get to listen to people’s most intimate, personal, shameful moments. After thousands of practice hours I started to hear a rhythm in people’s personal stories that felt so familiar. […]

Falling, Farting & Misspelled Words.

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Lessons from Sessions What would it feel like to know what you know or feel what you feel, fully? To inhabit yourself without justification, persuasion, or defensiveness? Dropping the need for your rightness to be proven through their wrongness, knowing that truth, like gravity, maybe have discovered but cannot be denied. It existed before we […]

What’s your relationship status? Potential vs Reality Continued

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Lessons from Sessions In the last couple weeks, there have many sessions focused on a central theme – am I in a relationship with someone’s potential, or their behavior? This is not and easy question to answer, at all. I believe, and know through experience that people CAN change. Recovery, healing, growth – are all […]

Potential, Promises & Change

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After an unplanned break from email newsletters, I’m back:) It feels great to sit and connect with you again. I’m going to attempt in one run-on sentence to catch up on the goings-on in my life since our last email in January – found out I was pregnant, it was a BIG and wonderful surprise […]

Hello again!

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Happy New Year! This message may be a few days late, but in my heart it feels right on-time. Post NYE 2022 I had the energy of a lingering y a w n. Slothfully waking to life after holiday rushes, algorithms and bots sending me every glorious sweater sale known to man and a toddler […]

Bacon Bliss & Breakthroughs: using pleasure as a gentle disruptor.

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There’s a gap between where you are right now, and where you want to be. This is where most of my session start. We want to: Feel more Be more Do more Have more Say more Then as we’re rounding the corner of “more” we stumble into the should’s, too’s & STOP’s. AKA the Shame […]

Closing the Gap

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Navigating self-doubt & knowing what you want I was interviewed on a podcast recently about self-doubt. More specifically, what hacks and tips did I recommend to held people navigate self-doubt. On the one hand, I love being on podcasts – so naturally, I wanted to say yes. BUT hacks? Tips? That stumped me. How can […]

Hacks, Habits & Habit-Hacks

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Episode 100 of Don’t Cut Your Bangs is here! What. In. The. World. How did this happen? What a wonderful wonderful (written 2x for emphasis) thing to write and say.  In this week’s episode, I enlisted the help of a friend, Juanita Molano Para. She’s a former guest turned temporary host that took me down […]

Episode 100

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A new episode of session reflections – Ep. 98 Truth vs Trust. What does it mean to trust the way you feel when loved ones and experts disagree? A peak inside the episode. What does it mean to trust the way you feel when people you trust, who love you, or experts disagree? Who actually […]

Trust. Truth. And, what does it mean when people we love disagree?

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Are you feeling stuck, stagnant or are already giving up on our New Years resolution? Are you feeling stuck, stagnant or kicking yourself for dropping your New Years resolution? If the answer is “yes” there’s a good reason, and I can tell you it’s not a reflection of the following:⁣ Laziness⁣ Lack of trying⁣ Not […]

Introducing Session Reflections & more meaningful Self-Care

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The overachiever spiral Here’s the story of the spiral: Step 1. Because we’re trying to be perfect, never disappoint, and do all the things for all the people in our lives – we feel anxious, busy and wish there were four of us to get everything done. Step 2. When the expectations we have for […]

The Overachiever Spiral & a podcast just for you

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Trying to think my way through a feeling problem Full discloser, I didn’t start my own therapy until I was working my first year as a therapist. I couldn’t see it then, but there was a part of me that thought that I could “out smart” my uncomfortable emotions. If I learned the tools, taught […]

Trying to think my way through a feeling problem

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Friends? Are you “should-ing” all over yourselves? We all wear a lot of different hats. Boss, employee, spouse, sibling, parent, friend, etc. Some matter a great deal to us, others we can’t wait to shed at the end of the day. And when it comes to our emotional wellbeing, the hats – AKA aspects of […]

Are you “Should-ing” all over yourself?

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A conversation about healing 3 Healing Journal Prompts I Love …To feel Willie Good. About a week ago a client that I’d been working with for about 5 months asked me, “How do you know when you’re done?”⁣ We explored the question for a little while, and what became clear was that she wanted to […]

When it comes to Healing – How do you know when you’re really “over it”?

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Do you consider yourself a Type-A personality who: Likes making lists? Loves checking things off the list? Holds yourself to incredibly high standards? If so, you likely have a STRONG aversion to -> Procrastination. The tough part is that even with the best organizational strategies, and having the best of intentions, we still procrastinate. When […]

Overcoming uncertainty & self-criticism. A NEW approach for Procrastination.

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