When it comes to Healing – How do you know when you’re really “over it”?

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3 Healing Journal Prompts I Love

…To feel Willie Good.

About a week ago a client that I’d been working with for about 5 months asked me, “How do you know when you’re done?”⁣

We explored the question for a little while, and what became clear was that she wanted to know – “…when I’ve healed what I need to heal, and how do I really know when I’ve made progress?”⁣

The short answer is that the less activated a painful emotion is in you – anger, grief, worry, sadness, frustration, etc. ⁣- the more healed a memory, experience, or relationship is within you. ⁣

If you’re curious about your own healing process, here are 3 journal prompts I love to use.

* Also note | I recommend to clients when they use journal prompts to imagine their responses coming from a space within them that is equal parts loving and authentic. We all know too well how criticism can be masked as honesty, and a desire to be loving can mask the truth. Trust the space within you that is both kind and sincere. It’s in there:)

  1. What does this situation reveal about you?
  2. What is the lesson here?
  3. With what you now know, what’s the most loving way you can put this learning into action?

On the podcast

This week’s podcast is a solocast about healing – the process, the challenges, and how to find it for yourself.

I even share a recent experience of my own and include an excerpt from one of my more recent journal entries.

I hope you enjoy listening to this week’s episode as much I enjoyed making it.⁣

You can listen to episode 52 on iTunes, Spotify, or HERE.

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