Where do we struggle with change & how do we stay on track?

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Where do we struggle with change & how do we stay on track?

Do you know where most people struggle with change? ⁣

After they’ve taken that first big step into the unknown. ⁣

It’s vulnerable, itchy, sweaty, and often feels like lightyears away from our end goal – to feel better. ⁣

Whether your goal is:⁣
* Career based⁣
* Financial⁣
* Physical⁣
* Relational⁣

You want what you want because you think you’ll feel better when you get it.

This part of change may not feel the way you want to feel in the end. But there are things you can do to stay focused and on track. ⁣

✔️Think about it⁣
✔️Talk about it⁣
✔️Make a plan⁣

What helps you stay on track? Want to learn more, check out the latest episode on Don’t Cut Your Own Bangs below.

Changing our relationship with change – Pt. 2. A solocast

Keeping the dream alive in you can help you inch your way forward, even if it feels far off in the distance. ⁣
In today’s episode we talk about what comes after inspiration strikes. ⁣

We start to image what it would be like to:⁣
* Be in a new place⁣
* Have a new relationship⁣
* Feel better⁣

Then, we start to:⁣
✔️Day dream⁣
✔️Make plans⁣

This part of change can be really exciting AND it can also be where fear, doubt, and worry begin to creep in. It’s where we start to see the road ahead of us and what could be required to make our dreams a reality. 

Listen to episode 85 HERE. You can also find it on iTunes & Spotify.

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