A Gentler Approach to Goal Setting – ep. 77 of Don’t Cut Your Own Bangs

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Setting goals based on how you want to feel

The condition of our physical body’s is closely connected to our mental health, and the stress of 2020 has taken a toll. Before you set your New Years resolutions, I’d HIGHLY encourage you to take the time to listen to my conversation with nutritionist, coach, and founder of Erica Ballard HealthErica Ballard. In this episode we explore why success and sustainability are so closely connected to how you feel on the way to accomplishing your goals.

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This is a no BS conversation about what’s often not explored when women talk about “getting healthy” or “getting in shape”… getting smaller. We talk about what health looks like for all shapes and sizes, and how not being honest with ourselves about what we’re really looking for can lead to anxiety and self-sabotage.

One of my favorite takeaways from our conversation was this,

If you’re not enjoying the process of getting healthy, you’re not going to maintain the results.

Programs or methods that aren’t fun along the way WON’T be fun to continue! So simple, and so true. The same can be said for ANY goal, intention, or resolution. 

Before sitting in front of you calendar, white board, or journal, pop in your earbuds and join us in episode 77 of Don’t Cut Your Own Bangs.

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