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Episode 95 of Don’t Cut Your Own Bangs

Ep. 95 Danielle x Teresa Sabatine: Making big beautiful dreams come true. Amazing! AND, also really f*cking hard.

Here’s what’s in the episode:

  1. Teresa and I talk about working with coaches, being in therapy, all of the beauty that can come from showing up consistently, and how when you do – you’re signing up for stress sweat. 
  2. We talk about my experience working with Teresa for 6 months as a coach, how she helped me build my first online course, and why technology can feel like such a pain in the @ss sometimes! (Hint: bc it is)
  3. We explore what we do when we feel stuck and what helps us get out of it.

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About Teresa Sabatine

Teresa Sabatine is a high-performance mindset coach who has helped over 100 women recover from burnout, gain clarity, and define impact driven paths that allow them to build thriving careers and businesses.

She believes women are the world’s most untapped resource, and works tirelessly to  help them cultivate a deeper connection to their authentic power so they can live out their passion and creativity. 

She deploys business strategy and mindset coaching to purpose-driven women entrepreneurs, and helps women find clarity and pursue work they love in her burnout recovery program, From Stuck to Clarity. 

When she’s not in a coaching session or making a meaningful connection between powerful women, you can find her in the mountains on a hike with her dog Billy or creating floral bouquets in her kitchen.

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