Overcoming uncertainty & self-criticism. A NEW approach for Procrastination.

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Do you consider yourself a Type-A personality who:

  • Likes making lists?
  • Loves checking things off the list?
  • Holds yourself to incredibly high standards?

If so, you likely have a STRONG aversion to -> Procrastination.

The tough part is that even with the best organizational strategies, and having the best of intentions, we still procrastinate. When this happens, clients often start beating themselves down with critical narratives that feel like evidence for their laziness, lack of followthrough, or lack of ability.

BUT, what if procrastination meant something else? Check out this week’s video, listen to the podcast, and see what deeper meaning procrastination may have for you.

Don’t Cut Your Own Bangs Ep. 56

Procrastination is often considered a sign of laziness or lack of motivation. But what if it meant something else?

In this solo-cast I explore what it means for me, how I’ve seen it affect clients, and share a VERY recent example of procrastination from another podcast interview I did this week.

Join me in this short exploration of procrastination and the hidden meanings it could be revealing to you! 

You can listen to episode 56 on iTunes, Spotify, or HERE.

If you want to take this work further, use some of the prompts below in a journal or conversation with a friend. Sometimes we stall, or procrastinate, when we’re experiencing uncertainty.

Use these questions to get the wheels turning and help shift procrastination to productivity.

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