What Gratitude & Compassion Fatigue REALLY Mean for Our Mental Health

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This week is all about gratitude. But before we start to dive into all of the amazing gifts that can be found with counting our blessings, I want to take a sec and talk about when forcing gratitude can actually be detrimental to emotional health.⁣

Remember this 👉🏻 Before practicing gratitude, check your attitude.

⁣Stay with me here!⁣

If I’m exhausted, sad, or lonely – saying things to myself like:⁣

  • “At least you have a job”⁣
  • “At least you have your health”⁣
  • “At least you _____________, ______________, & ______________.”⁣

In some instances, these “at least” examples could be true. But when we’re feeling broken or vulnerable “at least” can minimize our pain, and leave use feeling unworthy. ⁣

It’s times like these when I love referring to the work of Brene’ Brown.

“An empathetic response never starts with ‘at least’.”⁣

When you’re feeling abundant, generous, and your emotional cup is full THAT’S the time to double down in your gratitude journal 📔. ⁣

If that’s NOT where you are today that’s okay. See if you can find one thing that you are grateful for in that moment that doesn’t betray the pain you’re in. ⁣

For example, a little over a year ago I experienced a miscarriage. It was a deeply emotional and heavy time for me. During those first few days after the loss I was flooded by love and support from my closest friends. Their hugs, their company, and their friendship were exactly what I needed. In that moment I could be grateful for their support, and also still hold space for the grief I was in.⁣

Gratitude doesn’t always mean happiness, and you don’t have to force yourself to be in a good mood. It’s whatever YOU need it to be. ⁣This week, stay connected as we continue to explore the wonders of gratitude. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!⁣

New on the podcast! ep. 73 with Liesel Mertes

New on the podcast! Ep. 73: Compassion fatigue & Empathy with Danielle & Liesel Mertes.

If you’re dealing with burnout, anxiety, or compassion fatigue this one’s for you.

Or if you’re looking for a place to hear:
1. “You’re not alone.”
2. “It’s not just you.”

Then this is DEFINITELY the podcast for you. 

Meet Liesel Mertes – keynote speaker, trainer, and host of the podcast Handle with Care. Liesel coaches leaders and business professionals about the power of empathy in the workplace. 

Not only does she come prepared with expertise and some mind blowing stats:

  • 82% of employees would consider leaving their work for a more empathetic employer. 
  • 78% would work longer hours for a more empathetic employer.

She also shares parts of her own journey that lead to the work she does today:

“My journey through loss has dramatically changed my perspective on what it means to be well.”

There’s so much podcasty-goodness in this episode. I hope wherever you’re listening, it’s with a piece a pie!

Be sure to check out the episode HERE. You can also find the episode on iTunes and Spotify.

⁣If this content got your wheels turning and you’re ready to take self-exploration to the next level and click HERE to pick up a copy of my guided journal Treasured: a journal for unearthing you.

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