What’s your desire telling you?

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What’s your desire telling you?

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Do you find your thoughts, day dreams, and conversations drifting back to the same topic?

This could mean you’re ready to make a change, my friend!⁣

Desire is often the step before we’re ready to step into action, or the emotion we feel before we’re ready to jump into a new plan. ⁣

Desire leads to longing, and longing is what pulls us into conversations with the right people at the right time to help us get the ball rolling.⁣

Trust your desire. It may have something important to tell you. ⁣

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Don’t Cut Your Own Bangs ep. 82

What’s your desire telling you?

⁣When I’m working with clients, I like to say that our desire is always calling us to reach for more, and is usually the step BEFORE the step.

For example:⁣
* We feel hunger before we reach for a snack.⁣
* We feel thirst before we reach for a glass of water. ⁣
* We feel DESIRE before we:⁣

✔️Set a goal.⁣
✔️Make a plan.⁣
✔️Start to change. ⁣

In this week’s solocast, I explore desire and all the ways it could be letting you know you’re ready for more. ⁣

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