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Are you feeling stuck, stagnant or are already giving up on our New Years resolution?

Are you feeling stuck, stagnant or kicking yourself for dropping your New Years resolution? If the answer is “yes” there’s a good reason, and I can tell you it’s not a reflection of the following:⁣

  • Laziness⁣
  • Lack of trying⁣
  • Not caring⁣

I know when I’ve felt this way, I’d start doubling down on my to-do listing, efforting, and struggling. Before long, I’m more exhausted and watching season 3 of The Office. I fall into the comfort of TV because the thing that I need THE MOST that I don’t know how to give myself is – ⁣


True self-care

⁣I’m not talking about the yoga retreat, matcha tea, and sunsets self-care (although those all sound amazing!).  I’m talking about the self-care that starts from identifying your needs first, and then taking actionable steps from where you are right now. ⁣

There is a pattern called the Overachiever Spiral, and you’re already deep in it if self-care feels like a joke, too much work or you’re comparing your self-care to what other people are doing on social media. ⁣⁣

Monday February 7th from 6-7:30EST I’m leading a workshop that will help you find relief and relate to self-care in a more authentic and sustainable way.⁣

⁣To learn more about the workshop, and to register, CLICK HERE.

Introducing Session Reflections

Don’t Cut Your Own Bangs Ep. 96 Introducing Session Reflections – What do I do when my feelings and needs aren’t understood by people who love me?

There have been SO MANY moments when I’m in a session with a client where I think to myself, “Gah! I wish more people could hear this!” Enter – Session Reflections.

These solocasts are my way of letting you be a fly on the wall for some of the most incredible insights that my psychotherapy clients experience. The details about who they are will be omitted to protect their privacy, as well as many of the details about their specific experience. What will be shared are profound insights, BIG hearted questions, and lessons that I find myself thinking about hours after these sessions are over. 

Think of this like a little dose of therapy, but without all the work and you get to skip to the end.

In this episode, I talk about validation and boundaries. More specifically, what do we do when people we love don’t understand, support or agree with what we’re feeling?

Referenced in the episode:

You can listen to the podcast HERE. Or, on iTunes & Spotify.

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