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Don’t cut your own bangs episode 30. A conversation with Erin Fischer – Part 1. Danielle Ireland: Hello, this is Danielle Ireland and you are listening to Don’t Cut Your Own Bangs. And we have a really special treat for you today. We’re kind of breaking the rules this episode featuring Erin Fischer. I got […]

A Conversation with Erin Fischer – Part 1

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Don’t Cut your own bangs episode 29 Danielle: Hey this is Danielle Ireland, and you are listening to Don’t Cut Your Own Bangs. You’re about to jump into the second part of our conversation with Lisa Graft. I don’t want to keep you in suspense. I know you’re ready for more because the first half […]

A conversation with Lisa Graft – Part 2

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Don’t Cut your own bangs episode 28 This is episode 28 of Don’t Cut Your Own Bangs, with Danielle Ireland. Lisa Graft created the blog I Am Mother of The Year. Now, this is one of those guests that I had never met before we recorded a podcast together, and I just want this to […]

A Conversation with Lisa Graft – Part 1

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A Social Distancing Mini Series – Ep 1 Welcome to the first edition of the – Social Distancing Super Mini Series Spectacular Extravaganza! Episode 1. So, what do we do with ourselves? 1. Slow down, self reflect? 2. Netflix & chill with a frozen pizza ’til this whole things blows over? 3. Organize our pantries […]

Slow Down & Trust Yourself

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Turn up Joy. Dial down Stress. One of the hardest things to remember when we are challenged or trapped in anxiety is reminding yourself that there are multiple truths existing at once. ⁣  ⁣Finding something to look forward to or celebrate (especially when it’s hard to find) could change your life.⁣  ⁣Think of it like an […]

Don’t Cut Your Own Bangs – ep. 37

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Probably not… Let’s talk self-care. More importantly – is self-care really self-care if it’s stressful? When you’re clear about what serves you, you don’t have to buy what everyone (experts, gurus, celebrities, influencers, etc.) else is selling. Sounds simple in theory, but I have weekly conversations with clients about self-care. Here are some common questions: […]

Is it self-care if it’s stressful?

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Yes! And maybe you need one! This is how most of my sessions have started this past week: “God, it’s so cold, and all I want to do is sleep.” “Ugh, it’s so gray and gloomy outside. I’m finding it hard to get motivated.” We’re in the home stretch before winter turns to spring. No […]

Can grownups have snow days?

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Shock, loss, grief & learning Last June at 13 weeks pregnant, I experienced a miscarriage. The physical, mental, and emotional toll the experience took on my husband and myself was heavy. I knew shortly after this was a story I wanted to share and needed to tell, in part for my own healing (I’m an […]

A Miscarriage

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TV marketing to Goat Yoga & Philanthropy Where do baby goats, farmer’s markets, and fighting food scarcity in Indianapolis meet? One woman —> Erin Peckinpaugh. Erin, is bravery personified. Upon reflection, it’s clear that she trusted an internal knowingness that her career path needed to change in a major way- AND she didn’t gloss over […]

Don’t Cut Your Own Bangs with Erin Peckinpaugh

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Exciting New Updates. Plus – THE BEST Don’t Cut Your Own Bangs moment, EVER! Starting February 4th, I will be releasing a Don’t Cut Your Own Bangs episode every other week! This change is about growth and challenging myself to make more time for the things I love, like podcasting! I’m so excited to take […]

Don’t Cut Your Own Bangs – Exciting Announcement! & Bonus Episode

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Flipping the Script & Cultivating Excellence. Have you ever been enjoying a meal so much that you’re equal parts shocked & devastated, when you look down and realize there’s no more left??? Well, when it comes to this season of Don’t Cut Your Own Bangs, there’s always enough for seconds. The conversation continues, with Erin […]

Don’t Cut Your Own Bangs with Erin Fischer – Part 2

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Then you probably need a break. Did you know that your body doesn’t know the difference between good stress, like exercise or working on a project you love & bad stress, like feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, or sacrificing sleep? One of the best ways to know how you’re managing your stress levels is checking in with […]

Got the Sniffles?

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Flipping the Script & Cultivating Excellence. We all need people in our lives to tell us, “Get out of the way and let me help you.” Erin Fischer is one of those people. In her own words, “She is a woman on a mission to help teams and individuals excel at what they do.” Her […]

Don’t Cut Your Own Bangs with Erin Fischer – Part 1

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Motherhood, Mayhem, & Making it Happen. This week’s episode is for anyone who feels like they’re living life in the eye of a storm. Blogger, speaker, and storyteller Lisa Graft goes deep into her journey as a business woman, wife, and mother. How she manages her mess, values connection with the people around her, and […]

Don’t Cut Your Own Bangs with Lisa Graft – Parts 1 & 2

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Facing fear & Taking a leap of faith. It’s easier to be brave or vulnerable when we we’re reflecting on past experiences versus sharing what’s happening in real time. In this episode with Jacqueline Martinez, we explore past bumps and bruises, what she’s working on in the moment, and what she’s learned along the way.  […]

Don’t Cut Your Own Bangs with Jacqueline (Cooley) Martinez – Parts 1 & 2

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