Slowing Down or Getting Started?

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Let’s talk about momentum.

There are things we do daily that are so natural and practiced they’ve become 2nd nature >>

  • Driving⁣
  • Brushing our teeth
  • Tying our shoes

But there was a point in our lives where this was a skill we had to learn and acquire over time.

The more practiced the behavior it is, the more momentum it has.

The same is true for how we cope with change and stress.

This week’s video is a gentle reminder that it takes a lot of energy to slow down our thinking when we’re worked up and stressed, or equally as hard to pick up the pace when we feel drained or sluggish. ⁣

Can you relate?

Don’t cut your own bangs ep. 42 >> HERE

Danielle Wolter Nolan has a question for you…When is the last time you did something for the first time?

Danielle and her wife Kate, founders of DNK Presents, organize and guide empowering adventure retreats for groups and businesses. They focus on getting people to step outside their comfort zones, try something for the first time, and in turn gain confidence through experiential learning and adventures.

In 2016, they turned their story and the life changing stories of their fellow adventurers into a documentary film that was accepted to the Heartland Film Festival. To learn more about the film visit their website at

In this episode we talk about taking leaps of faith, what it means to push past what you believe is possible, and what it takes to live adventurously.

Ready to listen? Click HERE.

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