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Don’t Cut Your Own Bangs Ep. 58 an interview with Gary Noesner Meet Gary Noesner – author, instructor, investigator, and FBI negotiator.  Gary served as the lead hostage negotiator during the first 25 days of the 51 day siege in Waco TX. His book Stalling for Time, My life as an FBI Hostage Negotiator became […]

An FBI Negotiator’s take on connection, communication, and trust.

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I’ve noticed a theme in the last couple weeks. We are tired, really tired. Working from home, full-time parenting, working overtime – it’s a lot! We’re mentally, physically, and emotionally strained. I feel it too, and now more than ever we need an energy boost. When you need to recharge – try these 3 steps. […]

Need an Energy Boost? Try these 3 things.

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Don’t Cut Your Own Bangs Ep. 56 Procrastination is often considered a sign of laziness or lack of motivation. But what if it meant something else? In this solo-cast I explore what it means for me, how I’ve seen it affect clients, and share a VERY recent example of procrastination from another podcast interview I […]

Wait for it…Procrastination.

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the power of compassion, curiosity, & choice. Practice the best of you, whether the best of them is showing up or not. I heard this statement recently, and when a good lesson gets hooked in my brain I’ll repeat it, write it down, and recite it to others all in an attempt to integrate it […]

That time I acted like a jerk & learned something

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…To feel Willie Good. About a week ago a client that I’d been working with for about 5 months asked me, “How do you know when you’re done?”⁣ We explored the question for a little while, and what became clear was that she wanted to know – “…when I’ve healed what I need to heal, […]

3 Healing Journal Prompts I Love.

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Or am I just sleepy, thirsty, or hungry? Is everyone mean? Or are we just sleepy, thirsty, or hungry? I recently had a session with a couple that wanted to work on communication in their marriage. They were overworked, exhausted, and said they wanted strategies to better understand each other and more effectively communicate. They […]

Is everyone mean?…

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and 3 little lies we tell ourselves that become big problems later on When I’m working with clients on reducing stress and anxiety, I like to begin exploring the little lies we tell ourselves that can become bigger problems over time. ⁣ The Big 3⁣ “I’m fine.” ⁣ “It’s ok.”⁣ Laughing…⁣ at jokes that aren’t […]

Let’s talk about Awareness

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Don’t Cut Your Own Bangs Ep. 46 Listen HERE In today’s solocast I explore how a 3yr old Facebook memory helped me access joy and appreciation for myself.  May 14th, 2017 I graduated with my masters degree. May 15th, 2017 I started my first day of work as a therapist in private practice. I remember […]

The journey & unlocking limitless Joy

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It slows down the hamster wheel Meditation slows down the hamster wheel– Once my phone became my alarm clock, it became harder and harder to not check emails, texts, or social media as soon as my eyes opened in the morning. When my phone sets the emotional tone of my morning, I start to feel […]

3 ways I use Meditation on a daily basis.

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Meditation & community Have you ever been so stressed that you didn’t realize there was a problem until you took a deep breath and felt a tingling sensation throughout your body? ⁣ This is usually what happens: ⁣ We experience or witness a stressful event⁣ We feel tense, anxious, or overwhelmed⁣ Our breathing becomes shallow […]

How staying connected to your breath can keep you connected to your sanity.

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Creating connection and building communities around the dinner table. This week I’m celebrating community leaders, creatives, and business owners. And I’m kicking it off with Tanorria Askew. ⁣ Listen HERE. ⁣In this week’s episode we talk about her career in corporate America, taking a leap of faith to audition for Master Chef Season 7 … […]

Don’t Cut Your Own Bangs Ep. 43 with Tanorria Askew

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Let’s talk about momentum. There are things we do daily that are so natural and practiced they’ve become 2nd nature >> Driving⁣ Brushing our teeth Tying our shoes But there was a point in our lives where this was a skill we had to learn and acquire over time. The more practiced the behavior it […]

Slowing Down or Getting Started?

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Friends, I want to encourage you to take a breath and find as many ways to take care of yourself as you reasonably can. Today, we’re talking about Self-Care. Collectively as a country, we’re experiencing massive amounts of anxiety, overwhelm, and grief. This is hard – really hard. Going into my 3rd week of virtual […]

Sanitizer, Self-Care & Feeling Selfish…

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Don’t cut your own bangs episode 31. In this conversation Erin and I continue exploring the themes of perfection, permission, and procrastination and how they all relate to confidence. Enjoy! Danielle Ireland:Hello! Hello! You are listening to season three of Don’t Cut Your Own Bangs. And I’m Daniel Ireland, your host and also your guest. […]

A Conversation with Erin Fischer – Part 2

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Don’t cut your own bangs episode 30. A conversation with Erin Fischer – Part 1. Danielle Ireland: Hello, this is Danielle Ireland and you are listening to Don’t Cut Your Own Bangs. And we have a really special treat for you today. We’re kind of breaking the rules this episode featuring Erin Fischer. I got […]

A Conversation with Erin Fischer – Part 1

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