Need an Energy Boost? Try these 3 things.

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I’ve noticed a theme in the last couple weeks. We are tired, really tired. Working from home, full-time parenting, working overtime – it’s a lot! We’re mentally, physically, and emotionally strained. I feel it too, and now more than ever we need an energy boost.

When you need to recharge – try these 3 steps.

  • 1. Start with the basics – Hunger & Thirst. When I’m bogged down, overwhelmed, and have a to-do list 5 miles long, I vote my body off the island. Basically, I’m living in my head and so focused on what’s in front of me that I’m completely unaware that I’ve skipped lunch and/or haven’t had water all day!

Check in question if you’re feeling tired Am I hungry or thirsty?

  • 2. Look at the sky – aka. Step outside for some fresh air. When I’m feeling tense or tired, I can start to get lost in my mind tumbling down the rabbit whole of all the things that need to happen and all the things I haven’t done. The deeper down I go, the less perspective I have. It’s the emotional equivalent of looking at the world through binoculars. Everything I’m looking at feels BIG and CLOSE and is in HYPER-FOCUS. Stepping outside and connecting with nature helps me feel lighter and brighter. Even just 5 minutes can be long enough to remind me that there’s a whole world outside of my life and what I’m focused on.

Check in question if you’re feeling mental fatigue When’s the last time I’ve seen the sky?

  • 3. Take a deep breath – Literally. Whenever we experience negative emotion – frustration, anger, loneliness, worry, fear, etc. – our breathing becomes constricted. When we’re tense our breathing becomes more rapid, and we take in less oxygen. Before long our body is preparing for fight or flight! What’s incredible about our breath is that it happens automatically without conscious thought all day everyday…AND we can also consciously choose to slow it down or speed it up. Our lungs work everyday for us, and we can also choose to work with them.

Reminder Take a deeeeeep breath. My favorite technique is inhale through my nose as long as possible and out through my nose as long as possible.

The best thing we can do is honor how we feel and try to tend our needs as easily and gently is possible. Maybe today your life demands you grab an extra cup of coffee and stepping outside to take a deep breath feels like a luxury. Wherever you are, and however you feel you’re not alone.

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