Let’s talk about Awareness


and 3 little lies we tell ourselves that become big problems later on

When I’m working with clients on reducing stress and anxiety, I like to begin exploring the little lies we tell ourselves that can become bigger problems over time. ⁣

The Big 3⁣

  1. “I’m fine.” ⁣
  2. “It’s ok.”⁣
  3. Laughing…⁣
    • at jokes that aren’t funny⁣
    • when someone says “they’re just teasing”⁣
    • when we’re uncomfortable and don’t know what to say⁣

⁣We can lie with our words, and maybe we can even convince ourselves that we’re “ok” when we’re not.⁣

But our bodies will ALWAYS tell the truth.⁣

⁣Becoming aware of how we feel in these moments is another way of saying that we’re becoming more in touch with how our body responds to what is true💛.⁣

⁣The truth might come in the form of perspiration, shedding a few tears, sighing, feeling exhausted, or burnt out. ⁣

⁣Increasing our awareness allows us to meet our emotional needs in a gentler way. ⁣

⁣Here are 3 ways my body tells the truth:⁣

  • ⁣Blushing – when I’m embarrassed
  • ⁣Sweating – when I’m nervous
  • Fidgeting – when I’m anxious

This week, try focusing on the ways your body responds to what you’re feeling, and see what you discover.

If you want a journal prompt try this:

When I’m stressed, I notice that I ________________

When I’m excited, I notice that I _________________

When I’m relaxed, I notice that I _________________

If you’re looking for some tools to increase awareness. I highly recommend meditation.

Click HERE, for more info on how meditation could help you.

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