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How staying connected to your breath can keep you connected to your sanity.

Meditation & community Have you ever been so stressed that you didn’t realize there was a problem until you took a deep breath and felt a tingling sensation throughout your body? ⁣ This is usually what happens: ⁣ We experience or witness a stressful event⁣ We feel tense, anxious, or overwhelmed⁣ Our breathing becomes shallow […]

Meditation & community

Have you ever been so stressed that you didn’t realize there was a problem until you took a deep breath and felt a tingling sensation throughout your body? ⁣

This is usually what happens: ⁣

  1. We experience or witness a stressful event⁣
  2. We feel tense, anxious, or overwhelmed⁣
  3. Our breathing becomes shallow and constricted. ⁣

When this happens it becomes harder to focus, be present, and aware. In extreme cases this can lead to panic attacks. ⁣

This week, try starting your day with 10 deep cleansing breaths. Notice the different you feel in your body from breath 1 to breath 10. ⁣

I usually feel tension release in my jaw and my shoulders. If I’m under a lot of pressure, I’ll feel a release in my diaphragm and stomach too.⁣

How does your body hold stress? 

13 of my favorite resources for mind, body, & spirit

Last week I focused on community and connection. In case you missed it, below is a list of 13 businesses, resources, and people that are helping me stay grounded, connected, and feel comfort right now.


FoodGet in my belly!

  1. Tanorria Askew@tanorriastable

Tanorria is warm, an open book, and hilariously funny. She was on Master Chef Season 7, a personal chef, a food segment regular on @wthrcom, and anti-racist culture curator. She brings all of these passions together by nurturing conversations with people from all walks of life around the dinner table.

Listen to her episode on Don’t Cut Your Own Bangs >>>HERE.

2. Candace Boyd Wylie@foodlovetog

Candace created her own original seasoning for @thetrapseafood, is a food creative, blogger, and connector. She’s also a creator and member of @blackgirlseating & @indywomeninfood. She pulls her family history, experience, and passion into her recipes. They’re flavorful, rich, savory, and good to the last bite!

Click HERE to subscribe to Don’t Cut Your Own Bangs to hear Candace’s episode next week!

3. Market Wagon – Online farmer’s market & local food delivery

With everything being so topsy turvy, it’s hard to know when to shop, where to shop, and how to find the best choices. If you’re missing the farmers market and wanting to support local vendors this is a GREAT way to have farm fresh eggs or fresh baked bread delivered safely to your door.

My personal favorite is gluten free baker – Native Bread.

Emotional CareTell me I’m not alone.

4. Teresa Sabatine@teresasabatine

Certified coach and bonafide bad a$$, Teresa Sabatine is someone you want to know. Her daily posts are grounded, true, and beautiful. She has a way of helping me feel hopeful, while still being able to face the reality of hard things. Also, if you’re looking for some good reading check out her blog!

Listen to her episode on Don’t Cut Your Own Bangs >>> HERE.

5. Juanita Molano

If you want to feel hopeful, connected, and optimistic about the future you need to connect with Juanita. As a life coach she’s bright, candid, and one of the best listeners I’ve ever met. She doesn’t do all the talking in a conversation, but when she chimes in it’s a zinger … and usually leaves me rolling on the floor laughing.

Listen to her episode on Don’t Cut Your Own Bangs >>> HERE.

BusinessHelp me stay focused.

6. Lindsay Boccardo@lindsayboccardo

Are you needing some connection, community, and guidance right now? If so, you’ll want to join Lindsay on The Porch – a digital place to explore “How to Survive the Screen, the Groundhog Day Effect and the Unknown.”

Life coach and public speaker, Lindsay has a way of getting right to the heart of challenging situations, and her solution focused approach leaves me thinking, “I’ve got this.”

Check out her Don’t Cut Your Own Bangs episode >>>HERE.

7. Kris TaylorEvergreen Leadership

Kris Taylor is a speaker, trainer, and author of The Leader’s Guide to Turbulent Times. How much do we all need this book right now?

If you’ve found yourself taking stock of your career and are thinking about making a change, Kris is definitely someone you want to know.

Click HERE to subscribe to Don’t Cut Your Own Bangs to hear Kris’s episode in May!

MotivationShow me how it’s done & make a little jingle while you’re at it.

8. Jen Edds@brassybroadjen

Do you need weekly jingles accompanied my a ukulele? Of course you do! Jen Edds is a song writer, mixer, and podcaster-extraordinaire. If you’ve been thinking about starting your own podcast, or are looking for something fun to listen to, Jen is someone you want to know.

Check out her podcast about her journey through jujitsu on Beauty and the Gi.

And don’t miss her episode of Don’t Cut Your Own Bangs >>> HERE.

9. Alexandra Rufatto-Perry@pswithalex

If you need a daily doses of joy, please follow this woman. She’s vibrant, charismatic, and shows up consistently. With so much uncertainty and so many unknowns in the world right now, knowing there’s someone you can count on (even if it’s online) goes a loooong way.

Check out Alex’s episode of Don’t Cut Your Own Bangs >>> HERE.

Body-care, Self-care, & BeautyBecause we’re all roll’n outta quarantine looking different than when we went in...and our precious body’s have taken a beating with cortisol and adrenaline.

10. Ambre Crockett@ambreblends

If you live in the Indianapolis area, chances are you’ve either seen or smelled Ambre Blends. Ambre Crockett, creator and founder of Ambre Blends had a vision for a plant-based, women-owned, cruelty-free, vegan, organic, nontoxic, handmade fragrance – and she made it a reality.

I’ve worn Ambre Blends for years and have continued to wear it during quarantine. Scent is deeply tied to memory, emotion, and comfort. Part of my morning ritual is applying my Ambre oil (I alternate and mix Solace, Unmasque, and Ahnu). It helps me set the tone for my morning and offers a light wash of comfort when I catch the scent throughout the day.

Want to learn more about Ambre’s story? Subscribe to Don’t Cut Your Own Bangs . Her episode will be coming out soon!

11. Corey Sleet@sleetzy Senior stylist at Bobby Cooper Salon

Hair, hair, hair. When it comes to hair – you need trust, skill, and God willing – entertainment value. Corey Sleet has all 3! He knows his stuff and has an unmatched work ethic to boot.

Apart from the fact that he’s great at what he does, I always enjoy the time I spend in his chair (3hrs!). I’m laughing in his hair, smiling when I leave, and send everyone I know to him. Trust me when I say – You need him in your life!

Corey’s episode on Don’t Cut Your Own Bangs will be out this May. My first hair interview! You won’t want to miss it. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll want to be his client;)

12. Stephanie Spears@honeykissedspraytanning Honeykissed Spray Tan

Real talk – when I was 19 years old I was with my mom for one of her dermatology appointments. As the doctor was leaving he glanced at me a noticed a tiny mole on my shoulder. Less than a week later I had it biopsied, and 3 weeks ofter that I was scheduled for surgery. From that time on – I get my skin checked 1-2x a year, sunscreen became my new best friend, and sunless tanner became about the only way I’d ever experience a “sun kissed glow” again.

Stephanie has researched her formulas – no more streaking, stinking, or looking orange. And if I can’t get in for a spray tan, she offers amazing at-home solutions. A little tan can go a long way!

13. Marianne Talkovski@projectgorgeousindy Project Gorgeous Indy

This woman is one of the most diversely trained, experienced, certified people I’ve ever met. She’s a trained acupuncturist, esthetician, and organic skincare guru. She does myofascial release, cupping, and Chinese facial reading…and we’ve only scratched the surface!

She’s deeply passionate about helping people feel beautiful, healthy, and vibrant on the inside and out. She’s fully present when she works with you and is incredibly generous with her gifts. If you don’t know her already, I recommend you connect with everything she does. You’ll be glad you did.

Don’t forget to subscribe to Don’t Cut Your Own Bangs . You won’t want to miss this episode.

Did you enjoy these resources???

Let me hear from you? Who’d you know already and who are you excited to follow?

The best things in life are shared!

xo, Danielle

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