Is your mind full? Or are you Mindful?

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Let’s talk about Mindfulness

Which would you prefer?

1. A mind that’s full of what’s happening in the moment and what lights you up inside. ⁣

2. A mind fixated what happened yesterday or worrying about a 5yr plan. ⁣

As a planner/recovering perfectionist, this can be a SUPER HARD choice for me! But here’s one VERY important distinction -> No one ever worried their way out of a problem. ⁣

  • Worrying⁣
  • Ruminating⁣
  • Fretting⁣

– are NOT synonymous with problem solving. ⁣

It’s important to have a roadmap, schedule time with family, friends, and know what needs to happen in a work day. ⁣

  • Sitting intentionally with your calendar ⁣
  • Bringing a first aid kit on a camping trip⁣
  • Buying insurance for a new car⁣

These examples are thoughtful, considered, and make perfect sense. The big difference between worrying and mindful planning is that when you plan for something you need… 👇🏻⁣

⁣…you feel relief!⁣

Stay connected with my content this week as we explore mindfulness together, and how it can create ease and healing.⁣

Below I’ve listed three benefits I’ve found to developing a mindfulness practice.

3 ways try I use Mindfulness on a daily basis

1. Meditation

Meditation slows down the hamster wheel– Once my phone became my alarm clock, it became harder and harder to not check emails, texts, or social media as soon as my eyes opened in the morning.

When my phone sets the emotional tone of my morning, I start to feel like the world is moving faster than I am, which means I have to rush out of bed to catch up with everyone else.

Before I know it I’m drinking too much coffee, have forgotten to drink water, and have the wide-eyed sweaty-faced look of panic in my eyes as I rush through the day, run late to most of my appointments, and feel exhausted before dinner time.

Mediation is a way, thought not the only way that I use to recenter, relax, and slow my mind down. I feel more at peace and the day moves at a slower pace, giving me more time to focus on what fills me up instead of what fuels my anxiety.

2. Breath work

Breath work helps me shift from one task to another – A typical work day for me is broken up into a handful of tasks – client sessions, marketing work, answering emails, creative projects, time with family & friends, etc.

Each requires a different amount of energy and type of focus. If I’ve finished my 4th client session for the day and know I need to set up for a podcast interview, adding a quick 5-10 minute meditation in between can help me slow down my therapy brain and tap into the tone and tempo I like to bring to my podcast Don’t Cut Your Own Bangs.

If I don’t give myself space in my calendar to breathe, I can feel rushed, jumpy, and have a hard time focusing.

Taking a few deep breaths before I leave my office and head home helps me close out the business part of my day, opening up more mental space to be present for quality time with friends or enjoying some downtime.

3. Mindful focus

Mindful focus prepares me for sleep – Some people are blessed with the ability to pass out when the lights go out. Unfortunately that is NOT the case for me. I’m slow to rise and need time to wind down at the end of the day.

Sometimes my nightly routine involves a face mask, a good book, maybe even some TV before sleep. But when my mind is going a mile minute, I can find myself so deep in my imagination – role playing a conversation I’m anxious about having, reminiscing about something that happened the day before, thinking about something I have to do the next day – the next thing I know, hours have gone by and I’m still tossing and turning.

Practicing mindfulness before sleep feels like I’m bringing my mind back from the abyss and into my body. I focus on the coolness of the sheets, listening to the gentle hum of the ceiling fan, and falling into the softness of my pillow. In a few short breaths, it’s lights out and I’m off to dreamland.

Give it a try!

PS ~ the place where we feel the busiest or most tense, is where we likely need it most.

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