Whether you’re an individual looking for growth or an event coordinator seeking an expert facilitator or speaker, I bring mental health training, expertise, and empathy to every engagement.

Let’s be our best selves.

Finding Growth and Peace 


watch me
in action

Passionate storytelling around topics that matter

It’s not every day you meet a licensed therapist with a background in professional acting and dance. Audiences can expect to be highly amused and entertained, as well as given expert insights and practical tips for growth. I bring energy along with my expertise, and a laugh twice the size of my body. 

Audiences leave feeling seen and understood, as well as equipped to tackle life’s challenges in new and fresh ways. My content is designed to be experienced rather than just heard, encouraging engagement and action.

Guest & Keynote Speaker

Event Speaking


The Force: Leveraging Social Media as Your Greatest Teacher

As we mindlessly scroll on our phones, before we know it we’ve blown hours and our self-esteem while we’re at it. In this interactive talk, I’ll help you turn social media into your greatest teacher and a force for good in your life.

Empathy: A Universal Language & Your Biggest Asset

Internal barriers and mind junk can keep us from living the bold, courageous, and fulfilling lives we were designed to live. And if often comes down to permission. It’s time to give ourselves permission to overcome our mental obstacles and take action with courage and clarity.

Permission Slip

We are feeling beings who think, not thinking beings who feel. But many of us learn early on to suck it up and stuff our feelings. Together we’ll learn how to move through life as the best, most whole, and integrated version of ourselves using empathy as our guide.

Civil Discourse: Bridging the Divide

As our relationship with social media and technology deepens, so do our country’s rates of anxiety, depression, bullying, and polarization. But we can learn to leverage technology to increase connection, understanding, and acceptance.

I’d love to work with you! 

Interested in booking me for a speaking gig? Here are answers to questions you might have. And if you’d like to know more, please get in touch!

Speaking FAQs


let's chat

thanks, friend!

You matter to me. I will do my best to respond to your message within 24-48 business hours. Thanks! 

Are you open to custom speaking topics?

All of my listed topics have been successfully processed and tested with a variety of groups. If you would like to build a custom presentation based on your organization’s specific needs, I would be happy to help. 

Can you come early and/or stay after a talk to interact with guests?

Of course! I would love to spend more time with your audience if it works out.

Are you willing to travel outside of Indianapolis?

Absolutely! I’m available for speaking engagements nationwide. 

Do you accept pro bono speaking engagements?

I do a limited number of pro bono speaking events each year, especially for organizations focused on empowering women and children. I am passionate about serving my community and love to help others do the same. Feel free to reach out with your request.

How long are your talks?

My keynotes usually range from 10-20 minutes. Special timing accommodations can be made by request.

Seeking growth in these areas? 

Counseling with heart in Indianapolis 

One-on-One Therapy


Encouragement and connection are two passions of mine that drove me to pursue advanced education in social work and counseling. While the professional acronyms behind my name (MSW, LCSW) do matter, it’s my heart for changing lives and relatability that makes all the difference. 

We all want to feel secure in our own identity, emotions, and purpose, but life’s craziness can easily throw us off course. I provide insight and clarity, allowing you to face adversity with courage and untangle complex emotions and situations. 

Couples, marriage & family 


Identity, purpose & self-esteem

Stress management, overwhelm & burnout

Anxiety & depression

Big-hearted counseling for those who seek growth

It’s so important to find a counselor who’s the right fit. Learn more about me and the therapy services I provide.

Therapy FAQs


let's chat

thanks, friend!

You matter to me. I will do my best to respond to your message within 24-48 business hours. Thanks! 

What counseling certifications/licenses do you hold?

I am accredited as a LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker), LSW (Licensed Social Worker), and have also completed my MSW (Master’s in Social Work).

How much do therapy sessions cost?

Appointments are $150 for a 50-minute session.

Do you accept insurance?

My practice is out of network, but I do have many clients who choose to submit receipts to their provider for any possible out of network reimbursement. Also, if your plan includes an HSA card, this can be used as a method of payment.

How frequently should I schedule appointments?

While the total number of sessions needed vary, clients begin to get a strong sense of what will work best for them between sessions 4-6. It is recommended that the first four sessions are scheduled as close together as possible (usually weekly).

Do you accept payment plans or work with sliding scale fees? 

Each session is paid for one at a time, at the end of the clinical hour.

Do you offer a complimentary introduction?

Yes! Your relationship with your therapist is a deeply personal one, and it is important that you feel you are making the choices that feel best for you. New clients are welcome to schedule a 15 -minute introduction, either over the phone or in person at no charge.

How do I contact you for an appointment?

Office hours are Monday through Friday. Appointment openings vary based on availability. Reach out for an appointment using the form provided or you can email danielle@danielleireland.com or call 317-796-5913. 

Workshops designed to promote life change

I love coming alongside purpose-driven companies, women’s groups, and other organizations to help people seek wholeness and personal growth. Whether you’re running a corporate mental health day, professional development event, or women’s retreat, I provide thought-provoking and practical guidance. Your people will leave with clear steps and action plans for growth beyond our time together. 

Support for small & large groups

Workshops / Team Events


Social Media & Connection

We often mindlessly scroll our phones, blowing by hours and our self-esteem while we’re at it. Believe it or not, I can help you turn social media into your greatest teacher and a force for good in your life.


Internal barriers and mind junk keep us from living the bold, courageous, and fulfilling lives we were designed for. It’s time to give ourselves permission to overcome mental obstacles and leverage empathy to find courage and clarity.

Depression, Stress & Anxiety

So many of us suffer silently with emotional struggles. The critical voices in our heads keep us quiet, and before we know it, darkness can settle in. Together we'll find our way to the light through story and practical helps.

Permission, Perfection & Procrastination

There are three P-words that tend to trip us up: Permission, Perfection, and Procrastination. We'll explore how these sticklers keep us stuck and learn tools for finding freedom on the other side.

Let’s give them something they’ll never forget. 

Looking for someone to provide a memorable experience at your next event? Here’s some additional info for you to consider.

Workshop FAQs


let's chat

thanks, friend!

You matter to me. I will do my best to respond to your message within 24-48 business hours. Thanks! 

How do you structure your workshops?

I custom tailor each and every experience to fit your needs. Often I incorporate both large group workshop time as well as small break-out groups.

What kinds of materials do you provide participants?

Depending on the topic being covered, workshops may include handouts, workbooks, and other helpful take-home materials.

Are you available for workshops outside of Indianapolis?

You bet! I’m willing to travel for workshops that are a great fit for both of us.

How long are your workshops?

Workshops typically last between 60-90 minutes. Special timing accommodations can be made by request.

Are your workshops interactive?

Yes! My workshops are all highly interactive and engaging. Participants will leave equipped and energized.


- Lindsay Boccardo, speaker & coach -

Danielle is a dynamic, entertaining, and wise speaker. As a therapist and someone who is trained to listen deeply, she is remarkably good at communicating with energy and clarity.

Danielle comes to her speaking events with all of this academic knowledge and adds layers of contextual and very personal experience. My audience loved her energy!

- Erin Fischer, The Leadership and Training Studio -

- Private Practice Client -

Working with Danielle has done more than I could have ever imagined for my happiness, understanding of myself, and overall well-being. 

Danielle helped me tackle and confront issues I felt were impossible to resolve. I have gained so much insight, confidence, and self-awareness with her help and guidance.

- Private Practice Client -

- Private Practice Client -

We would like to thank Danielle for turning our relationship around. The emotional tools we’ve learned have improved our marriage and also all of our relationships and friendships.


Weekly Doses of Encouragement