Leading Lady: Michelle Carter

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Title: Professional Athlete  

Age: 31

Nationality: American

Brief Bio: Three time Olympic medalist, and shot-put Olympic champion, Michelle Carter, holds the national distance record at 67 ft 8 in.  The record was set at the 2016 Olympic games, where she won the gold medal for Team USA.  She was only the second American to medal in the event, and the first to bring home the gold.  

I do me the best way I can.

Michelle is an advocate for women to explore what their body’s can do.  She believes women’s body’s have a purpose greater than being admired or criticized.  She has been quoted as saying that her body was never meant to be small.  Rather, it was made perfectly for what she was MADE TO DO. “Simone Biles can’t throw the shot-put like I can, but I’m not about to get on the gymnast mat like she can.”

If you look good, you feel good, you do good – and I’m going out there to do my best.

Pearl of wisdom: “Everybody’s BODY is built for something else.”

Winning Fact:  Michelle is a three time Olympian, and Olympic gold medalist.  

Golden Rules: “I know that God made me intentionally.  I’m not here, just to be here.”

They say: It was reported that Michelle was crying at the 2016 Olympic games.  Later Carter reported that she was in fact – putting on lipgloss.  She said, “For me, going to the Olympics is like going to work.  I want to put my best foot forward.”



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