Leading Lady Part 2: Lindsay Boccardo

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Title: Professional Development Coach

Age: 33

Nationality: American


If you missed part 1 of our Lindsay Boccardo interview, click here now and take a look.  Her wisdom and insight are not to be missed.


Interview continued: What do you think your clients think about you?

I think…that they see themselves in me.  My hope is that when they leave their time with me they realize they have more potential and power than they thought previously.

I’m just holding up a mirror to their greatness.

My team and I have actually done studies to see why in the hell they hire me, and I think ultimately what it is, is that they see themselves in me.  I also try to bring a lightheartedness to my work (which may or may not be seen in this interview).

We have fun, and we get shit done.

I think they see hope when we work together.  Hope, and I think they begin to give themselves permission to dream bigger.

I think most people want a little more spontaneity and creativity in their future.


Q:  What advice have you’ve been given that’s served you well in the pursuit of your dreams?

Jenny Robbins told me, “Do one thing really well at a time.”  She would tell me that an entrepreneur has a hundred wholes in their backyard that are a foot deep, and that’s why they burn out.  So, I took that advice to heart and really try to focus on doing one thing well at a time.


Q:  What advice do you think you give clients the most?

Be kind.  Be kind to yourself.  Be compassionate to yourself.  That is the one thing I repeat all day everyday, and it’s the hardest thing for people to believe.

My clients tend to struggle with being compassionate and also curious about themselves.

Be a good friend to yourself – man this sounds so cliché, but it is so true.


Q:  What do you think holds people back?

I would say self-compassion and self-awareness.  When you’re trying to build your career, you are only as powerful as you know yourself.  If you don’t know what you’re actually good at or what you like – you end up bouncing around trying to please others, and you feel disgruntled and dissatisfied the whole time.

I think of careers as an extension of your life mission.

If you’re my client, I’m interested in taking inventory of how you spend your waking hours.  If you don’t know what you’re good at or what drives you IT DOESN’T MATTER HOW MUCH MONEY YOU MAKE – you’ll never be happy.


Q:  Knowing what you know now, what would you want to tell your younger self?

I honestly think my younger self would be scared shitless if she met this Lindsay.   I am not the person she dreamed me to be.  I think more than anything she would have been scared of what it took for me to get to this point.

I would also hug her and tell her it’s all going to be ok.



Pearl of wisdom: When you’re trying to build your career, you are only as powerful as you know yourself.

Winning Fact: Regarding her work with her clients – “I’m just holding up a mirror to their greatness.”

Golden Rules: “Do one thing really well at a time.” – Jenny Robbins

They say: “Of all the coaches I could have chosen to work with I chose Lindsay due to her insight, deep compassion and enthusiasm. As a veteran of the behavioral health field for over 20 years I rarely give endorsements but after working with Lindsay I asked her if I could provide one for her…” –John Schulenburg, MSW, AIF

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